Spinning Rings, always a firm favourite

I started making spinning rings nearly 10 years ago and I always struggle to keep them in stock. Each one is slightly different and they all fly out of the door.

Each one starts as a broad silver ring, usually 12mm wide. I hammer them or pattern them or they can be left plain. I make 1, 3, or 5 separate rings measured to slip over the first. Once all the rings are polished the edges of the base ring are flared outwards to prevent the inner rings from slipping off but allowing them to move and spin around the ring. The rings are very heavy duty if you like a chunky ring and great if you like to fiddle with your jewellery. They can also make a very satisfying little rattle as the rings move together.

I can make the rings in any size or style so please let me know if you want to have one custom made.

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