Forest Collection

I collect leaves and use them as templates to make this collection of jewellery. I stick the leaf on to sheet silver and hand cut around it. Each leaf can only be used once making every piece of jewellery a one of a kind. After the leaf is cut out, I hammer the texture on them and then solder the vein down the middle. Each piece of jewellery has the tree species stamped on the back.

As each item of jewellery is unique, here is a selection of previously made pieces of leaf jewellery. If you would like to see images of the jewellery I currently have, please contact me. All of the jewellery is solid silver and can also be made yellow gold vermeil.


The oak trees and imminence in size and magnificently gnarled and twisted. I make oak pendants with earrings and a bracelet. I have also made full necklaces in oak leaf.


Hawthorn is one of Britain’s most common hedge trees. An often over looked tree with beautiful blossom in the spring and bright red berries in the winter. The leaves have beautiful shapes and make very interesting jewellery.

Wild Apple

I love the smell in the autumn when the apples are ripe  just beware of the huge hornets that are also fond of the wind fallen apples!


Beech has beautiful broad leaves with a wavy edge towards the bottom point. Not to mention how tasty the beech nuts are in the autumn.


Ash is currently the most common tree species in the UK. Unfortunately due to ash die back disease, we are likely to loose up to 90% of ash trees from our woodland. Ash may go from the most common tree to one of the rarest. Enjoy it while you can.


Rowan, also known as mountain ash, is very familiar in the Scottish Highlands due to it’s hardy nature. Rowan was traditionally considered a protection tree against evil spirits and it was frowned upon to cut it down. The rowan is a great tree for wild life with flowers the bees love in spring, its stunning bright coloured leafs in autumn and bright red berries in winter the birds love.

Silver Birch

Silver birch is a very recognisable tree with its bright white bark. The leaves have a great shape to them which makes very elegant jewellery.


My willow leaves are engraved so the texture is very different to the other leaves I do. Willow is also the only leaf I don’t do in the gold vermeil. I make pendants and earrings both in two sizes and a willow bracelet


Hazel is the newest leaf to be added to my range. We all of course know the hazel nut and this attractive tree can be found around Britain.