Planished Collection

Planished and beaten metal is one of the oldest decorative techniques in jewellery making. I use this traditional technique to make very contemporary and wearable pieces.

Flora and Fauna Collection

The collection has been put together by things that inspire me and make me smile. The subject is either impressed in to the silver or impressed on to silver or gold and them hand cut out and soldered on to the jewellery.

Forest Collection

I collect leaves and use them as templates to make this collection of jewellery. I stick the leaf on to sheet silver and hand cut around it. Each leaf can only be used once making every piece of jewellery a one of a kind. After the leaf is cut out, I hammer the texture on them and then solder the vein down the middle. Each piece of jewellery has the tree species stamped on the back.

Reticulated Collection

Reticulation is a process of heating up the silver or gold to gently melt the top surface until it bubbles or ripples. There is a balancing act between just melting the top surface and melting straight through! The technique leaves a beautiful soft satin finish to the metal.