I am running two types of class from my home in Ardvar near Drumbeg in Sutherland. I can accommodate up to two people at a time. I can also arrange a gift voucher is you want to buy a class as a gift.

Taster Class

This class is around 2 hours and introduces you to all the basics of silver-smithing such as: marking and measuring, piercing, filing, forming, soldering, texturing and polishing. You will make a small item of jewellery ideally a ring as this introduces you to all the above techniques but you could make a pair of earrings or a pendant instead if you’d prefer. The cost of the class is £45.00 and that includes your silver. If you want to make a large item, you may need to buy additional silver.

Day Class

This is a full day class that introduces you to all the techniques outlined above. During your day you would normally make 2 to 3 small items such as rings, earrings or pendants. You can however spend the day making 1 large item such as a bracelet. It’s your day and I want you to get the most out of it. The cost is ££95.00 which includes some silver and gemstones. If you want to make a large item, you may need to purchase additional silver.

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Gallery of student work