Flora and Fauna Collection

In this collection I have been inspired by the animals and wildlife around my home. Each one has its own little story behind it.

The Squirrel and the Nut-bush

Scotland has the largest population of red squirrels and they are quite an icon of Scottish wildlife.

Moon and Stars

In Assynt the night sky, free of light pollution, is amazing. Especially on a cold winters night. The silver suits the theme of Moon and Stars very well due to it’s high lustre.


We have many beautiful wild flowers around my workshop. The carpets of daisies in the summer always make me smile

Partridge Family

Last year I saw the cutest little family of partridges on my way to work. I now have a whole range of jewellery based on Mum and her to chicks.

Dandelion Clock

I love dandelions. They carpet the grassy banks in yellow followed by delicate little globes. Just because dandelions are pretty common, doesn’t mean they’re not pretty! The Dandelion Clock with it’s seeds flying away has become a firm favourite in my range.

Flying Swallow

It always makes me happy to see the swallows return in spring after their long migration. They’re one of my favourite birds, so elegant. I’m always sad to see them go in the autumn.

Wandering Deer

I can’t look out of a window at my house without seeing red deer. In fact they’ve become so accustomed to the dog and I on our morning walks, we can walk right though a heard of them and they don’t seem to mind. They are pretty magnificent animals when they are less than 3 meters way from you.


We’re lucky to have many wild flowers around us and fields full of daisies and buttercups





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